Farm Stand Availability: Week of August 31st

Farm availability:
Eggplant: Italian and Asian varieties
Sweet peppers: green, purple, yellow
Habanero peppers
Anaheim peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Serrano peppers
Purple top turnips
Tomatoes (best of the season!)
Cherry tomatoes
Local sweet corn ( Thursday)
Also available Carlisle honey and Fire Cider

Farm Stand Availability: Week of August 17th


This week at the Farm Stand:

Eggplant: Asian and Italian varieties
Sweet peppers: green, yellow, and purple bell
Anaheim peppers
Serrano peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Hot wax peppers
Purple-top turnips
Fresh herbs
Limited tomatoes

Local sweet corn (Thursday)

Carlisle honey
Fire cider

Coming soon: green onions