The Farm at Gore Place is an important, mission-related program of Gore Place, an historic house and estate in Massachusetts, 7 miles west of Boston. Christopher Gore (1758-1827) was a MA Governor, a US Senator, and a founding member of the MA Society for Promoting Agriculture with a 200 acre farm on his estate. The museum’s farm today occupies 10 of 50 remaining acres of Gore land.

Today, much of the produce grown on the Farm at Gore Place is sold through an on-site Farm Stand, but a portion of each year’s crop goes to the nonprofit Boston Area Gleaners. Volunteers from the Gleaners harvest what the Farm Stand cannot sell. Boston Area Gleaners donates all the produce harvested to area food banks and soup kitchens. In 2013, the Farm at Gore Place provided the Gleaners with 6,325 pounds of produce.

In addition to produce, the farm has over 100 chickens (raised for their eggs), sheep, goats, and sometimes pigs. Though a working farm, the farm site is a popular place for visitors, especially families with young children who love to  watch the animals.

In future posts, we’ll tell you more about the farm programs, farm stand, and the many interns and volunteers who help to make the farm a success!

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